I read a paragraph from a well-known personal growth expert a while back that said unless something is a “hell YEAH” we should take a pass. He was referring to a time when we are considering doing something new like going to a party or taking a class. Unless we feel excited and open to the opportunity, he suggested just saying no.

I have been living my life this way for a few years since reading his words. I thought “life is short and why should I do something that fills me with dread or anxiety when I could be comfortable instead?”

Well, guess what? I remained VERY safe over the past few years. Yes I’ve written my book and continue to shoot videos, do interviews and TV appearances. And sure I’d push myself here and there but I mainly waited for that familiar feeling of warmth and comfort. After all, that was the easy part! I stayed close to home, kept friends that I knew well, and rarely did anything that felt too far removed from this way of being.

Then an interesting thing happened. I recently watched a friend perform live at a large charity event. Before the performance, she was quite terrified and thought numerous times about ditching the entire thing saying that she was busy. I too, didn’t feel up to going. I mean who wants to go to some charity event with total strangers and suffer the consequences of being outside of my comfort zone when I could be home watching a DVR recording of my favorite reality show?

Well, to make a long story short, my friend sang so brilliantly and stood in her power like I have NEVER seen before, that it inspired and motivated me like nothing else. I had goose bumps as I watched her magical melody mesmerize the audience. It raised the bar for me. I suddenly realized that it’s OUTSIDE of our comfort zone that we truly grow, thrive, and excel. It’s in those times when we push ourselves and share our gifts that makes the difference. She ended up meeting numerous people of influence that night because she had the courage to step outside of her circle even when she wanted to say “Hell NO!”

How many of us feel that way all too often? Do you dread doing anything that feels uncomfortable? Would you rather play it safe? Is the answer is YES, I totally understand. In fact, most people feel the same way.

But what would happen if you actually pushed yourself to say “Hell YEAH” when you’d rather run shouting “Hell NO!?” One thing is for sure. I guarantee that you won’t die. And I can promise that you will NEVER be the same again.

I learned a lot by watching my friend perform. I learned that while feeling comfortable is certainly easier, I have now made a promise to push myself more, to do things that scare me, and to continue to grow, learn, and evolve through the fear of the unknown. I will choose this rather than watching a DVR recording of my favorite reality show. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll certainly still have those cozy evenings but not without experiencing the contrast as well.

Sometimes it’s worth forcing yourself to say “Hell YEAH” even if you feel a strong “Hell NO!”