I have ALWAYS lived by this motto and here is why. Whenever we attempt something new in our lives it is important to realize that although we haven’t done it before, somewhere on a spiritual level, we have already mastered it! We must step into each new experience with the belief that we CAN do it! Regardless of what it is, if we look at ourselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience, then there truly is NOTHING that we cannot do. We can go into every new opportunity with an attitude of knowing that we can become a master.

When I first started as a waiter, I stretched the truth on my resume in order to get the job. I did this not to mislead anybody but rather because I believed without any doubt that I could do the job well and I just needed the chance to shine. While I am not suggesting that anybody cheat or tell big lies, I AM saying that sometimes we need to fake it til we make it. We can live in a place where everything that we want, envision, and speak affirms it as if it’s already accomplished.

Another example is what you put on your email signature. I added TV Host and Author well before I landed any significant gigs at either. I had written numerous blogs and articles but had no book deal in sight. I had been hosting my own show online but had not yet landed a TV hosting job. I wasn’t harming anybody by having this signature but rather was embracing what I felt was inevitable. By becoming who you believe you can be, before it actually happens, it often leads to fulfilling those very desires.

So this week go out there, fake it a little. Tell people you’re a singer, writer, or actor regardless of what you’ve done and make NO apologies. Begin writing statements about your life in a positive way that begins with I AM. I AM a successful business owner. I AM married and in love with my life partner. I AM enjoying prosperity as an entertainer. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, consider it already complete. The Universe doesn’t know the difference between what is fact and what is in your imagination and will quickly get busy bringing forth what you desire.