I am thrilled to have created various workshops that help you to Live Longer, Look  Younger & Feel Better! The outline for each workshop incorporates a full Body,  Mind and Spirit approach so that you can not only get tips to take care of your  physical body but also to learn how to heal from the inside out.

I have worked with company’s top performers in corporate venues as well as in  private, more intimate settings. My goal is always to help you reevaluate where  you’re at and then guide you towards making positive changes in your health,  wellness and lifestyle routine with a focus on youthful aging. I also offer group  workout classes, hypnosis, and team cooking demos.

There is something energizing about a group setting when everybody is open to  learning and growing together. My interactive workshops are normally about 3  hours long and I welcome questions at the end. You’ll also leave with important  handouts and often product samples too.

Some topics covered include:

– How to lengthen your telomeres
– Why our stomach is our second brain
– The power of our thoughts
– Less exercise with better results
– Vitamins, herbs, and superfoods
– The role of genetics in aging and disease
– How meditation shifts the brain
– The best sugar alternatives
– Which foods to buy organic
– Where you’re out of balance
– And much more…


I was fortunate to meet Jay this summer through a mutual connection. We got to know each other and he spoke at the open house for my cosmetic medicine business. Jay is an incredibly warm, inspiring and motivating person. It was incredible to hear the story of how he overcame his personal struggles and to see the success he’s achieved. The fact that a successful coach like him has overcame these very human personal struggles was very inspiring and motivating and makes him very much more relate-able, an asset I think to establishing a good client relationship. Jay has a wealth of knowledge on aspects relating to human wellness and longevity, very much a mutual interest we share. Jay draws on the strengths of his personal transformation, years of experience coaching and extensive knowledge of wellness practices to advocate healthy lifestyle changes to improve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. It was a pleasure to have him speak to my patients. He is a captivating speaker and imparted some excellent wisdom of lifestyle transformation for looking and feeling better and younger. The patients very much enjoyed hearing him speak. Jay truly lives the lifestyle he preaches, and is an excellent example of what good health and wellness practices can achieve.

Dr. Mario Nucci

Medical Esthetics Thunder Bay

I engaged Jay for a corporate event in the Philippines for my regional leadership team.  The target was to combine the benefits of wellness in business performance.  He was amazing, engaging and extremely interesting.  He did an awesome job weaving the topics of wellness into business performance and left a lasting impression on the whole audience.  I would thoroughly recommend him and use him again!

Bryan Lockyer

Direct Sourcing Solutions